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As hairdressers we often hear from our client’s…“my hair looks great when I leave the salon, but I can never recreate properly at home!” So to get you started, here are a few of our top tips to helping you achieve Great hair every day…

1. Get yourself a really good hair dryer. There is nothing worse than a getting arm-ache trying to achieve a sleek style using a hair dryer that would struggle to blow out a birthday candle let alone transform you into a groomed goddess!  There are some really good dryers that don’t cost a lot and will make a real difference to your routine – invest in one – it will be worth every penny.

2. Use your Nozzle! So many people lose or get rid of the nozzles that come with their hair dryers, but keeping hold of them is the key to a smooth sleek blow dry. When you’re drying your hair, first blast your hair to partially dry it, then get your nozzle on and use the dryer to smooth the hair in the direction that you want it to lie.

3. Having the right brush to create your style is essential. Using the wrong type of brush is like trying to eat soup with a fork – messy and a waste of time! Pay attention to the brush that your stylist uses when they are drying your hair, or just ask them to recommend the best sort of brush to achieve your style.

4. Use good quality products as recommended by your salon.  From the shampoo and conditioner, right through to the styling and finishing products you use, using high quality or salon recommended products can make the difference between good hair and really great hair. So don’t be shy, make sure you know what your hairdresser is using on your hair.

So, there you have it, our top tips for perfect styling at home. We’ll expect to see you all looking sleek and stylish and feeling amazing – and I can rest easy knowing that you all have great hair every day.