Christmas Party Looks

Christmas party season is in full swing so here’s two super simple fool proof step by steps help you get your glam on this festive season.

DAY 10

Quick Glam Waves 

1. Spritz some Sebastian Stylbrid 9 through your hair to give a matte texture and add some hold

2. Use your curl wand and take small sections of hair and twist away from your face

3. Repeat this on the other side

4. Take a wide tooth comb and soften the curls to dress them out and create glam waves


5. Spray some Eimi Glam Mist to add shine and Eimi Stay Styled for hold


 Dean’s Posh Ponytail

1. Curl your hair first to give some more texture and dimension (optional – but you can use the step – by – steps above to do this)

2. Back comb all of your hair back from your face

3. Tame this a little bit by brushing gently over the top sections to add a smoother finish 

4. Pull your hair into a pony under the crown of your head

5. Tease some hair out to give texture and wrap around 1 inch of hair around your hair tie to hide this and give a sophisticated touch

then dance the night away!

Send us your selfies as we would love to see your recreations!